Ex-Amazon engineer faces jail for Capital One data breach

A jury in Seattle found Paige Thompson, a former graphics engineer at Amazon, accused of stealing data from Capital One in 2019, one count of wire fraud and five counts of authorized courier to a protected computer.

The Capital One hack was one of the largest security breaches in the United States and led to the data breach of 100 million people in the country, along with 6 million people in Canada.

A GitHub user has been arrested her website post which is an information organizer about data theft from servers that store Capital One information.

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The jury determined that Thompson violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act by doing so, but her attorneys argued the same type and method also used by ethical hackers.

The Department of Justice in exchange for the law amendment has fraud and abuse of other hacker protection protections or use of hacker protection protections Investigating intruders investigating users or users who fix “in good faith” vulnerabilities or security holes they discover for extortion or other malicious purposes, charges of law cases can be charged.

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“Far from working for companies that secure their computers, they have tapped into the same email data,” plaintiff Nick Brown said, anecdote anecdote.

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