For humor.. Someone erected a monument in the name of Internet Explorer on a grave in honor of his quality

Microsoft Support Internet Explorer Effectively Earlier in the week, one person decided to celebrate this note, and Jung Ki-young spent 430 thousand won (about $330) to design and order the search viewer for the web browser before the official end of support date.

The memorial rate on its brother desktop in Jeonju, South Korea, used for the famous IE report followed by the English-language text, “It was a good tool for downloading other browsers, according to engadged report.

Mahjong Mahjong requests for a website well in the old web browser. From Microsoft, he said, “I’d hate you to reveal yourself over an era.”

It has been a planning program for Internet Explorer in some contexts, eg Edge’s IE mode will continue to work until 2029 or later, and furthermore parts of the world including countries of Japan are using Government Surveys nominations.

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