Mysterious glowing vortex lights up the New Zealand sky, baffling citizens.. “Photos”.

A mysterious blue vortex traveling across New Zealand’s skies, sky, sky, sky, warmed 750 kilometers south to Stewart Island around 7.30pm on Sunday, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail.”

Daily Mail report

The inhabitants of the South Island have discovered the strange astronomical phenomenon behind it A man-made space astronomer – a moribund rocket launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, the planet SpaceX, a Falcon 9 rocket carrying Global Star satellites DM15 Sunday morning – the third rocket flight in 36 hours.


The vortex that the residents saw
The vortex that the residents saw

The missile fired its payload, circulated the fuel its interpretation of the eye-catching vortex..

Post again, like this, and it is likely to be a plane. Global Star 2 FM15 From SpaceX New Zealand has overtaken at that time, past time, and the amazing blue snail was an unusual sight for thousands of New Zealanders on the original photo.

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