Steps .. How to feature “feature” in Chrome browser on Android

It can also be useful in an issue with Google Chrome Live Caption, where a text transcript appears on the screen, it can be useful for ages with disabilities as well as those who are learning who are learning new languages ​​in a popup in your browser, Live Caption automatically transcribes a voice The video is presented as subtitles.

The size of the popup can be changed

If you want to turn it off, or disable it in the Tourist flyers on Chrome,

For computer users

1. Open Chrome.

2. Previous round from the previous list.

3. Go to the Navigation Options tab above Access.

4. Click on the Comment option.

5. Exchange the captions sent.

mobile users

1. Open Chrome.

2. Tap the three vertical dots to appear in the outer corner.

3. Now, go to the Accessibility Options Options tab.

4. Click on the Comment option.

5. Turn it off, on, on, on, on or off.

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