The Chinese measure the density of water in the upper layers of the moon’s soil

Chinese geologists used samples of geological moon samples for the RT report.

Its vicinity, those activities, activities to the lunar soil with the wind, the Chinese have an article on the matter in the scientific journal Nature Communicati.

These measurements helped determine the priorities and components contained in the upper layers of soil in the vicinity of lunar storms. The lunar study highlighted that the solar wind plays a significant role in the process of forming water reserves in the upper layers of soil in the lunar region.

The head of the “+ + # 5” lunar mission and director of the Beijing Space Laboratory said. The measurements he made was made by the probe “-1” guiding from the cave.

Before that, American scientists discovered soil samples in the soil that had been dumped into the ground by the “Apollo” mission.

Li Zhonglai said that the proportion of water in the soil samples collected by the American “Apollo” mission did not exceed 28 molecules per million molecules, and the proportion of water in the soil collected by the probe was more than the American rates, a case of 6-fold.

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