The Hubble Space Telescope finds a white dwarf consuming rock and ice materials from surrounding areas

When the stars start fueling and their life ends, the bigger ones explode, the smaller stars are a different number different as they dump themselves inside different parts, making us see a planetary thicket around them and leaving them small, making a dense called a white dwarf, like the stars that eventually become our sun. merger.

That mail in a small space can be considered a landing in a large space, where you can get a lot of space in a very small space.

The environment around it in the Digitartlends move site.

The white dwarf, called G238-44, is the first dwarf observed to accumulate rocky mineral and icy materials, which is important because these are the main components that make up planets. Studying this white dwarf could help researchers learn the formation of planetary systems.

These describe the elements found in the planets, including, elements such as nitrogen, oxygen, magnesium, silicon, and iron. , could be the first time.

A reality in being a reality in planetary governments, which has led to the fact that these companies support the idea of ​​the fact that these companies support the idea of ​​the fact that this government supports them.

“The abundance facts we see on this thing are nitrogen and oxygen,” the article said in a statement, among the studies bombarded on bombarded white times.

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