430 million years ago.. Scientists discover the oldest forest fires on Earth

Thanks to 430-million-year-old coal deposits in Wales, the oldest affiliated bushfires looked down

The forest fires discussed in the study were ignited by very short vegetation, as well as by vegetation reaching the Oaks, an area reported by Sky News Arabia.

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For his part, says paleobotanist Ian Glaspool: “Our evidence appears to be in a clear match with our evidence for the oldest and largest fossils of Earth’s plants ever discovered.”

He adds: Fires need nods to assimilated fuel, and an ignition source, that can be clarification, quantity, and emissions, of fuel nods.

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This information is very useful for paleontologists, as it plays into the fact that the increase in plants and photosynthesis could have been a bigger picture in a ball around the time of the forest fires you studied, and knowing its details, that state through time of how life evolved.

And in turn, enough vegetation in the natural life of the Silurian period for wildfires to spread.

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