A non-profit organization that trains lawyers to hold Facebook and social media companies accountable

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The organization, which Haugen wants to call offscreen, plans to focus on three main goals: educating lawyers who have been shot in the face, motivating social media investors for the technology before giving it money, and giving regulators and researchers an inside look at how the platforms work.

The project is being implemented in the project, looking to raise about $ 5 million in funding The project starts, and also states that it can be funded as follows.

The goal is to help lawyers, researchers and investors an opportunity against social networking.

Haugen hopes that beyond the screen will give lawyers a window of opportunity, which means that users are also used to getting the record on its users – hence, the rule lets them.

Ultimately, he wants to create a social social network, a general idea of ​​demonstrating and testing how the underlying rules and algorithms work under the hood, the idea being that a simulated platform can help people better understand things for companies, without the need for companies to actually do, and that could be a useful boon. For malicious people, who are in the past with Facebook and others feeding them accurate data.

Basic education seems to be an effective foundational thing for describing the current state of the present state.

She says her goal is to get to the type of organization she has.

She’s signing up in the US and the EU, and she says she wants it for a change in places where there’s a lot of core business out there, which is a massive effort.

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