Apple reveals how its dual USB-C charger will work

Earlier, the 35W dual-port USB charger is Apple’s first.

A dual port charger means that it is permissible to charge two devices simultaneously, but how much power does it give the devices you charge? Apple has uploaded a document detailing how the charger works.

How will two devices be charged at the same time?

This table shows that the device is connected to it at the same time. The company also explains this with the following examples:

If you store photos of a Mac notebook computer and an iPhone or iPad, each device receives up to 17.5 watts.

– If you store photos in iPhone and iPad, the frequency of receiving light is up to 17.5 watts.

If you install a Mac computer, your iPhone and Apple Watch or AirPods, or iPhone receive up to 27.5 Watts, and Apple Watch or AirPods receive up to 7.5 Watts.

More information from the power adapter, Apple recommends it with MacBook Air, it can also be used, it can also be used with iPhone, iPad and AirPods.

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