China seeks to bring the first samples of Mars to Earth before NASA .. Details

China is to bring the first rock samples from Mars to Earth in 2031, two years before NASA plans to do so.

Industrial stables, instructions for issuing instructions, instructions for the issuance of the Tianwen-3 ambitious samples were identified this week from Tabqat, chief designer of the vehicle.

And to achieve the collection of rock samples from rock samples to the ground in July 2031.

and returning part of the temporal example, the temporal to simplicity, mediation, which, unlike a well-complicated plan, would include

And activities in outer space (CNSA) The launch of a capsule containing samples for the final landing on Earth.

NASA is very complex and requires a huge amount of research and testing, with both agencies realizing that there is a potential for errors at some point.

But for scientists, the rewards of being successful in space could be great, the chance of using lab equipment to have a good chance of getting a good chance of seeing some of the mysteries of the origins of life here on our planet solved.

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