Get ready for your summer vacation with the best portable speaker in Egypt HUAWEI Sound Joy with up to 26 hours of battery life

With the beginning of the summer holidays, you are ready to celebrate and spend a fun time, complete with listening to your favorite music. Therefore, you need a smart speaker that will allow you to take your favorites wherever you go. Sounds a lot of speakers, but there are many small projects, colors and assorted colors, looking for a portable bluetooth speaker with high fidelity sound, great battery life, smart features, impedance, eye-catching design, and blasts HUAWEI Sound Joy is what you need. You can spend your favorite times through the loudspeaker HUAWEI Sound Joy The all-new, Huawei’s first smart and powerful portable speaker co-designed with deviate.

Designed in conjunction with Deviate For excellent sound quality

Sound quality is the primary thing to consider when looking for a speaker. Retail HUAWEI Sound Joypartnership partnership with DeviateOne of the brands in the audio industry. I gained Deviate Outstanding achievements in sound quality. Adopt a loudspeaker HUAWEI Sound Joy Technique Powerful sound 4 units Devialet And the Deviate Sam®. it contains HUAWEI Sound Joy On the whole amplifier is responsible for the low-frequency rectifier and amplifier for the treble. The speaker sound can reach 79 dB in a range of 2 meters. It gives you access to British citizenship, high and strong.

Battery matters

Imagine the sound that you brought your loudspeaker to an outdoor event. Suddenly, its battery ran out, and you don’t have a power source to charge it. With the efforts of Huawei’s improvements in battery capacity and dynamic voltage adjustment, make battery capacity for you HUAWEI Sound Joy The 8800Ah dynamic voltage regulation algorithm can also help save energy in operating scenarios. The speaker also supports Huawei’s 40W ultra-fast charging. It only takes 10 minutes of charging for an hour of music playing.

Property Stereo link vibrate – Shake stereo link and other cool features

Too many sound desks at parties. If you have two speakers HUAWEI Sound Joyeasily connects retail, thanks to the feature of the stereo speakers by shaking the two, thanks to the feature Stereo link vibrate. Indicator with effect when pairing mode is active. pairing, the speaker will make a sound to confirm the connection and turn off the indicator lights. .

There are plenty of speakers, but they’re Bluetooth enabled, but one of the main things consumers hold back is how inconsistent the pairing is. Sometimes, restore the speakers. with HUAWEI Sound JoyThis is no longer a problem. Huawei’s new mobile voice supports one-touch transmission, allowing you to instantly connect Android phones and tablets Android Equipped with NFC With a touch speaker, start the party. with HUAWEI Sound JoyNever again will you let silence kill the festive atmosphere.

Exquisite and portable design; water resistant

Some speakers are difficult to carry due to their improper size and shape. When you want to listen to music on the speaker, that often carries. But the loudspeaker HUAWEI Sound Joy It has a compact bottle-like body and weighs 680 grams and can easily fit in your bag or hang on your wrist with a rope. To be your best companion when you are on an adventure.

Besides portability, you also want to have a great speaker on the outside. Choose a loudspeaker HUAWEI Sound Joy Breathable woven woven raw material. But more than the looks, the sound quality is also improved. This special texture also makes the speaker IP67[1] Dust and water resistant.

Interactive with dazzling lighting effects

Most speakers may have lighting Drove compact. But the dazzling light ring on HUAWEI Sound Joy Take it to a higher level. It has an interactive lighting effect that gives a sense of the interaction between you and the device. There are different types with different functions. The speaker seems to answer you with dazzling lighting and with different colors and effects. It gives you access to attractive advantages.

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