Report: Cybercriminals Selling ‘Access Information’ to Enterprises Across the Dark Web

Provide “access service” to enterprise systems in an enterprise manner, including digital business, digital production, business execution, to provide assistance in business implementation.

Experts analyzed nearly 200 posts found on the dark web offering information to gain access to organizations. The average cost of reaching large organizations ranges from $2,000 to $4,000, which is an amount compared to the damage that would befall the target organizations.

These findings are included in a recent Kaspersky report.

Kaspersky revealed that there is a high demand on the dark web for data and services to carry out an attack targeting an organization, such as data to perform updated steps to launch a multi-stage attack.

As soon as he arrives at the residence ready for emergency.

Businesses. It targets companies of all sizes.

Kaspersky experts have resolved nearly 200 e-mail publications on behalf of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

can be accessed via remote desktop protocol (RDP), which enables access to the desktop, you can access or you can access an office, and that’s before it allows you, you can access via email, communication, and some across the enterprise control the data locally.

And there is a huge disparity in the prices of access, between a few hundred dollars and hundreds of thousands, through the revenue generated by the victim organization, the price rises with the rise of that revenue, and the prices may also vary.

The relationship between the price of an enterprise system access data and enterprise revenue

Up to large institutions builds between 2.000 4.000, which are relatively modest prices. and data access numbers 5.8

Example of displaying study access data for five organizations in one network for $50,000

It plays an important role in determining the price of that information.

Experts have found that those behind ransomware attacks, for example, are willing to pay up to tens of thousands in exchange for the opportunity to infiltrate an organization’s network, with the intrusion costing organizations millions of dollars.

Potentially a potential public saboteur loader, with a $5.2 billion defense total on House of Judgment.

It has also been deployed in its software development, also browsing, and also compiling, which is evidence of its capabilities and extortion, due to its development in the development of information about sensitive information.

Research on the dark web, introduced in the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence portal, applies access to insights from exported sources and has made their way back, allowing them to recently tackle the world, allowing them to correct

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