The discovery of malicious software targeting Android applications .. Get to know it

F5 Labs recently discovered an advanced new strain of Android malware called MaliBot, while tracking another Internet banking hacker called Flubot.

The Mali Bot malware targets Internet banking solutions across Spain and Italy, but there are some phones that work over the Internet, stealing passwords and cookies, in addition to behaviors and characteristics, the most prominent of which are:

Impersonating cryptocurrency mining apps like “Mining X” and “The CryptoApp” and other apps like “MySocialSecurity” and “Chrome” to get them installed on their devices.

Theft of financial data, passwords and their crypto wallets, and financial institutions in Italy and Spain.

The ability to bypass or steal access authentication codes with multiple factors (or multiple steps).

Control by interacting with Android devices.

Exploitation of a built-in Android component and online displays.

Accessibility Accessibility Accessibility commands without the user’s knowledge, such as copying pass and authentication codes and leaking them to attackers.

In light of this, F5 Labs expects passwords and cookies to be stolen.

And Application Protection disclosure for 2022, but not polarizing, but not polarizing, but not polarizing Look at an example that appears in a form that appears in the online version of the protection of my application and I broke down, and it appeared in the back.

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