A study reveals loopholes in job vacancy announcements

VMware has conducted a new study on job vacancy announcements, through its recruitment platform Textkernel, and the performance of the study shows that applications are the most important factors driving the digital economy with high flight rates. With that said, 26% of the skills required in commercial developer job opportunities ads are business skills, while less than 49% of ads

It is rare for key business skills to be featured in the list of top skills recruiters look to for projects presented in previous projects, such as finance jobs that were included in only 5% of job advertisements, personnel management (6%), and management Personnel Enterprise (7%), an important body of these skills to explore and display posts about the details of management.

Business administrations are looking for efficiencies to develop their skills. Business administration skills in accelerating the launch of applications and contributing to providing a distinguished and continuous use experience.

However, business expertise is still conspicuously absent from job postings especially for front-end API developer opportunities.

Only about 23% of job postings for application interface developers and 22% of job opportunities for Android developers in addition to business skills are among the most in-demand skills, compared to 39% in the field of software engineering and 63% in job advertisements for engineers.

Back to the front-end developers of applications specifically, this area is either project management skills or its appearance in major projects, and this is the announcement of a large number of business opportunities in this field since the launch of the year 2021.

Growing need for developers pushes to focus on recruitment

Business letters should be on specific topics. Weekly demand for developer jobs lost an average of 38% in Europe during the first quarter of 2021 compared to the occasion in 2022, while the number of job advertisements was 173% and 106% in Spain and Italy, respectively, versus more modest increases in the whole of the Netherlands ( 3%), Belgium (19%), Carton (22%).

The competition for jobs here is getting tough with the data on its face, with Spain markets posting a 305% rise in engineering jobs. Weekly data engineering jobs also registered an average of 210% in Italy, clearly demonstrating the important role applications play, the amount of data they generate, and their contribution to supporting hiring decisions.

Companies use training and partners to develop skills

Pay the need for commercial services in this area.

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