How do you do it.. How to send a fax from an iPhone

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There are a number of iPhone apps that have the ability to send a fax, but beware even if the order is available, aesthetically all the orders you order are from the ones you choose.

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iFax is prepared

1. Install iFax from the App Store.

2. If this is the first time you are using the application, you will be asked to register for iFax, press continue.

3. Send faxes to the fax number.

4. Connect to an existing account or enter your email address and click Continue.

5. On the iFax homepage, tap Create Fax.

6. Details of the recipient, including the fax number to whom the fax was sent, the name of the recipient and the subject of the fax.

7. Click on Scan or Add Document.

8. Select the option you prefer:

• Scan the document: Use the phone’s camera to capture the document.

• Typing text: Type the message you want to fax.

• Email: eFax.

• Gallery: Select a photo from your phone’s camera gallery to send as a fax.

• Google Drive or Dropbox: Download a file stored on a cloud service as a fax.

9. When you return to Fax, you can click Scan or Add Document again and continue with the fax pages.

Example, you can scan a document document using the camera while typing a page of text.

10. When done, tap Submit.

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