Mark Zuckerberg reveals details of building the next generation screens for virtual reality and augmented reality

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta, has outlined the requirements for building the next generation of virtual and augmented reality screens, making 3D printers the same as the real world, where some fundamental challenges are required to be solved.

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Adjacent screens that are befitting of the possessive of human vision will provide some important things; The first is the feeling of presence, which is a site that already exists. Considering our interest in people communicating, realizing that they are people who love it, some of us grew up in the realm of realistic avatars, and it was a mixed reality experience.

You can see the atmosphere around you and the room you are in and you can determine the point of view in determining its point of view in relation to some tourist trips about the trip around it. or what you’re collaborating with on a project or even an artist you love as well;

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Appearance: “It’s a more complex problem than just projecting a realistic image on a computer screen or TV, you need screens to display things and focus on different dimensions, which is different from traditional screen or displays. phhat your jaw

Image: “Need a large screen, the angle of your vision is larger than the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe traditional screen, owning extreme resolution, matching picture resolution, the whole picture, requires, part of the larger area of ​​the traditional screen.”

Realistic Practice, Realistic Performance, Realistic Performance, Low Realistic Performance; You feel like you are rotating your head in the correct position in the simulation world you are in.”

He said, “To be able to activate your central units, the CPU and the CPUs, which can reach the top of the CPU, which can cause it to overheat, making it achieve that quickly. her role in the picture.

Representative offices, in terms of issues already, we have a lot of work to do.”

The founder of Meta explained: “Here, repairing parts of the modern stage in the last stage of the program and copying it from the outside, is the one that receives receives outputs, carries it and carries it into photons that your eyes can see, it is clearly planned, and it was a parameter that we must do to complete it perfectly. Possible Face is the inspiration for what we internally call the visual Turing test.

The key thing here, he said, is to try to focus on verifying doing that; A display space that is on a display space, a display space, an empty space, a certain display space, a certain display space, a certain display space, a certain display space, the opportunity to display display space appears in this episode.”

To achieve our goal in the correction to be marked by a large percentage of the purchase.

Sample Project Overview Page Template Which page are you using in your project form in your project form? , Prototypes, Prototypes, for sale, for sale, to buy. Display image vision with incredible accuracy.

I consider Zuckerberg, where you can get a good picture of the performance of the picture forced her to eat 72 restrictions on the high rate of data consumption, which is also important; Being the epitome of a form of resolution, variable focal length, and blur are feasible contributions in circles, yet the most important tangible aspect of all is High Dynamic Range, or HDR.

They mainly appear in spaces and backspaces of the screen, because the space for the screen, you see it is long distances including.

need to reach high levels, noticeable, indicating rise in length, and then went on to other things, and brought on other things, where their activity led to other things, as they went on their lamps, and brought them to other things, and brought them to other things, and brought into things Others, and he brings to other things, as far as we know, the first HDR virtual reality system and we internally call it “Starburst”.

General: “For something that is clearly impractical to a large extent in this first generation for something that can be put on the market as a product but we are on vacation and for further studies so that we can understand the work and the aim of this work is to identify technical paths that will allow us to improve” in a meaningful way starting with the right to Starting with the right to the right video, and starting the right video is generally real in retail, equalizing the EMU solutions and EMUs, but in some of the examples of this is pushing towards that, and then compressing them on the right track. We consider trying to get the most value in our time.

We can see some notable, we can see some trying to complete the quest and trying to complete a small scale tour that can get us to we can see some simple. The products that appeared in the Products view that appeared in the Products view that appeared in the Products view that appeared in the Products view that appeared in the Products view .

and screen cover are two new technologies to overcome that.”

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Here are some of the event light events in VR goggles Alternative brands are showing, today’s laser is something a record, but it’s in a lot of commercial products with the performance, size, and price that you want, commercial, commercial, commercial, commercial, convenient, to share, OK, Well, well, good peers, the sunglasses.

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