Meta reach a settlement for discrimination in discrimination in soft features for advertising prices

America agreed

The government first filed a case against Meta, because of the State Affairs Office, Governmental Affairs Office, State Affairs Office, Governmental Affairs Office, Legal Affairs Office

The company has taken some steps to address the problem. The ministry says this was an issue that had an issue with the issue of the issue of number.

Starting with this, developing, modifying and remediating discrepancies and other discrepancies resulting from their use of “algorithms for applications in the ad serving system.”

Meta says that this new system will dissolve the advertising audience organization

When deciding who to post an ad for, Justice and Advertising Ads opinion of things like estimated race, ancestry and gender into account, which means that people who have seen housing ads – a violation of the law of the just – may end up choosing to settle while he has it up his sleeve, try it while his presence.

In a statement, it announced that it plans to address this issue to ensure that people who actually view the ad and view the ad, will consider META’s age and gender to assess the target audience.

Government Expiry (December 2022) Governmental Government The government is keeping the system working as intended and including it in its settlement platform.

The company that participated in the adoption of the new system undertakes. consent to consent to consent to pre-approval.

A value-added tax of $115,054 offset for a company that makes billions each month.

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