National Director of Governance: Empowering the only woman who is not on Egypt’s agenda

The Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development contract, a United Nations training measure; The third webinar, “Personality Analysis to Build a Successful Team,” via the Zoom application, to complement the activities of the third edition of the African Women Leaders Program.

Local government from the agenda … administrative and standard initiatives for participation and contribution to gender equality, equal opportunities and principles of governance.

And Fatima Sharif that the main goal of the webinar, and popularity is to learn how to analyze different personalities in order to create a successful and strong, and also discussed the importance of diversity of personal styles for a work team, noting the participation of 17 African countries in the webinar in addition to Egypt.

And the first and the second that were previously presented at the beginning of the third year of the First Women Leaders Program entitled “Gender Responsive Governance.” The second webinar addressed the issue of accelerating the climate action plan in citizenship and gender equality, a project with the Agency for Partnership for Development.

You have been promoted Director of the African Training Center of the National Institute for Sustainable Governance The trainees and research on the topic of the webinar, which helps build their experiences in a practical and scientific basis so that they can analyze their personalities, work personalities, superiors and subordinates through 16 quality of characters, and the webinar contributed to clarifying simplified ways, enabling us to work Together is an opportunity to work together in good condition together.

17 African countries participated in the webinar: Algeria, Nigeria, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Uganda, Gabon, Malawi, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Tanzania; Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Mauritania, Ghana, Ghana, South Africa, in addition to Egypt, and were involved in teaching in African universities, members of non-governmental organizations, employees of government agencies (communication), government offices and academics, training and alumni and alumni “Network of Development and Alumni ​​The African Women Leaders Program for the previous triennium.

The webinar was moderated by Dr. Hanan Rizk, Director of African Development and Training Network for Africa Institutes of Africa “Tanmia”, and Nour El-Zeini participated as a speaker in the webinar.

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