A report describing the YouTube Apple Watch app as ridiculous.. know why

Watch your favorite YouTube videos on your wrist, where YouTube videos can be viewed.

The app can be linked to your WatchTube video account WatchTube used by a YouTube video YouTube in any form

Successfully open WatchTube, you will see a list of popular YouTube videos, such as the lyrics video for BeyoncĂ©’s new song “BREAK MY SOUL” and Chris Brown’s new music video “WE (Warm Embrace)” while searching for your favorite videos, and an algorithm will follow your feed Depending on your interests, he does it on YouTube

You also appear to be able to watch videos with captions, no matter if you turn the volume up or mute, even change the volume of the captions, and also in that you want to use captions without sound to save the watch battery.

He stated that the silliness of WatchTube has no limits, because the Apple Watch is built in, the screen is too small for it – the app might not work as well for some people as it does for others, and although it’s been in the apps for a few weeks you can watch videos on the Apple Watch on That uploads the thumbnails well, and there are some quirks that you do, that you can do, that make them last, you can watch the videos you do in YouTube.

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