Amazon wants Alexa to imitate the voice of a deceased relative.. know the details

The Amazon Foundation is working on devising another way for their families to talk through their Alexa voice assistant even after they pass away, and at the annual Mars Conference conference in Las Vegas, Rohit Prasad, Amazon Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist at Alexa, announced a new and upcoming set of the company’s smart assistant.

The home page of what was mentioned by the Arab portal for neighboring news. Prasad’s separations allow him to imitate a specific human voice.

In the event, the sound of an event occurring amid the deceased Prasad is used to read a bedtime story to a grandson.

I have become able to succeed on the way to the rescue.

And he said, ‘This is an invention where we had to learn to produce high-quality sound in exchange for hours of recording in the studio. The way we achieved this was the loop that did the loop process task to generate speech. We live in the golden age of hopeful intelligence, where our scientific dreams and imaginations are becoming reality.

Prasad explained that the development is under development. Amazon also did not mention. The idea was used for the idea for the idea for the idea for the general idea of ​​the deceased family.

Amazon plans to make Alexa imitate anyone’s voice

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It enables you to talk to Alexa more e-commerce in general, and it has introduced a series of procedures through which it enables the process of repeating more

This work is included in the field of analyzes that examines the field of analyzes and research results for the benefits and abuses.

A recent corporate business office, which is used by companies that use their software, to imitate work, aiming to help people with other problems, but some others, can also be used at the same time to spread counterfeit.

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