Learn how to change your Instagram username

Some ground rules for digital devices limit how often you can change a run. Instagram is a free username for everyone; You can change your Instagram handle whenever you want and as many times – within certain limits.

This is on your profile below your avatar as reported by The Verge tech site.

It doesn’t have to be unique to you, can contain emojis and special characters, (and yes, they can be changed – up to twice in 14 days.)

It can also be longer than 30 characters, it can also be numbers, numbers and dots, if you choose a new user, change it again within 14 days – if no one else claims it.

or bored of less than a minute, current, you can change the current identifier.

Change your Instagram user

First, login to your Instagram account on the iOS or Android app. If you have more than one account, verify that you are signed in to the account you are trying to change.

Click on the photo icon in the bottom corner to go to your profile.

Click Edit Profile under your resume.

Click on the user field and type in the new handle.

Click on the blue check mark in the top corner.

If you want to change your display name, type in the Name field instead.

Change your username on a computer

If you prefer, Instagram desktop user user.

The email has gone to the webpage, go to the page on the page, you will be prompted to continue with your account.

Enter the user and password already logged in.

Click on your profile icon on the right side of the homepage and select Profile.

Click Edit Profile next to your user.

Again, then, again, 14 days later.

Then it may be possible, but you can use another user.

If the user is being used by someone else, it is the first user at first.

If your chosen handle is taken, Instagram will tell you after you press the check mark on mobile or send on the web.

If the name you want isn’t available, try adding numbers or underscores to make it unique to you.

Keep checking back, its ready to change profile or delete instagram sometimes by removing fake accounts.

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