The Obama family is leaving Spotify for Audible.. Details

Barack and Michelle Obama are taking to the Amazon audiobook app and network Audible, as the Amazon-owned company announced an exclusive production deal with a merger with Higher Ground…

You can see that the bargain bid can see a lot of space, and that’s what can be auctioned off. for Obama.

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Former President Obama said, “At the heights, our pursuit, you begin to dream that deserves to be heard—and invest in making that vision come true at our side,”

She did not disclose the financial terms of her deal with the high ground. Obama’s previous deal with Spotify was rumored to be around $25 million, that partnership spawned Rebels: Born in the US with Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen, as well as with the Michelle Obama podcast, the latter was among the most popular podcasts released on Spotify in 2020. .

Engadget quoted a Spotify spokesperson, “We are incredibly proud of our partnership right from the start.

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