Twitter revives its developer conference after a 7-year hiatus

Twitter is hosting a developer conference, after seven years, in San Francisco on November 16. This could have caused him not to participate in a conference to claim. The last time the company hosted a live developer conference was Twitter Flight in 2015.

Since then Twitter’s relationship with developers has been somewhat strained, the company conducted a series that is expected to match expectations in 2018 that began to get very popular and poorly communicated, third-party client makers on Twitter were particularly affected, accusing the company of “breaking “They are who we moved Engadget.

Trying to try to improve his relationship with the developers. Enterprise Business A new version of the entire external API

It’s not clear exactly what will be on Chirp’s agenda. The company stated in one of its blog posts that there will be a keynote and technical sessions [و] Opportunities to meet the Twitter Developer Platform team to get your questions answered and connect with developers in our global community. “

It is worth noting that those present at the conference were uncertain about the future of the company as Musk was working on taking over the company. Company Executives, 2010, 2010, 2010, 2010, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, now not not not not not not not not schools.

On the other hand, America.

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