Ariane 5 rocket launches two satellites into orbit from South America

A European heavy-lift rocket launched two communications satellites into orbit from South America, where a rocket blasted off Arianespace Ariane 5 from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, 47 minutes after the 100-minute launch window, the time taken by Arianespace French-Iranian some tests on the missile.

Except for what the website says.spaceAn Ariane 5 rocket, the same type of rocket that launched NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope on December 25, 2021, carried two payloads on the mission, both from communications satellites.

representatives said Arianespaceboth of the moons she nominates have been deployed in beautiful weather MEASAT-3Dby Malaysian Telecom MEASAT.

This new satellite will significantly boost broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps in areas with limited or no network around the world. HD and 4 K And in the end 8K in Asia Pacific region.

Another satellite launched, GSAT-24 will be powered by NewSpace India Limitedwrote representatives Arianespace: “This satellite will provide high-quality television, communication and broadcasting services and will meet the needs of DTH [مباشرة إلى المنزل] Indians displays.

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