How do you do it? .. How to find out if you have a ban on iPhone

There are several ways to check if you try to check if you are blocked from doing well. Things are according to the “Business Insider” website.

Send them an iMessage

An SMS has been sent to it has been displayed, while an SMS has been sent to the normal message and letter means the letter.

When iMessage is sent to the delivered status directly, appeared when it appeared, appeared status, appeared file, message, message, message, stop, stop when reading “Reopen message.

As for the red flag, the delivery status is the status of delivery, even the delivery is in the delivery status.

Send them an SMS

When you send an SMS and get a delivery notification “Delivered” under it, that is when SMS text messages are sent.

Send a notification to send a notification to send a notification to send a message.

Make a phone call

Go to email, after you go to email, after you go to this page, go to the next email.

Check if you also want to sign up for other messaging

Signs that you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

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