I mean, Apple, a new headset in January 2023

Technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said it was “likely” to launch a headset and that its launch would accelerate the growth of the headphone sector.

“The introduction of Apple AR/MR for video can also deliver an excellent immersive experience, so the launch of Apple AR/MR will boost the demand for immersive gaming/multiple entertainment,” said the technical analyst.

“After Apple launches AR/MR headphones, I believe Apple’s global competitors will compete to imitate it, leading the headphone industry to the next stage of rapid growth and leveraging related services over content,” he said, also that the upcoming AR/MR headphone will be The “most complex product” from the tech giant.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently had you do his project on AR/MR headphones. Stay informed and you will see what we have to offer.” Answer a question about frequently asked questions

What in augmented reality, is tagging an image, really, now, as an example, we have over 14,000 ARKit apps in the App Store that provide an experience to millions of people around the world, but, I want to understand what they provide in this field. “

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