Netflix lays off 300 employees around the world, most of them in the United States.. Details

The Netflix group laid off about 300 people in the latest round of job cuts and the most layoffs in the United States, the Variety Council and a number of departments affected.

A Netflix spokesperson told the publication, “Today we unfortunately have left about 300 employees, while continuing to invest heavily in the business, and we’ve made these start-up costs in line with our slower revenue growth.

Netflix’s second round of fast transfers due to slowing revenue employee growth, laid off 150 along with part-time workers and contractors in May, and the company has 11,000 employees worldwide.

Netflix also shed about 10 or so employees from its marketing department and internal news site, Tudum in April, and these layoffs were due to a reorganization of Netflix’s marketing department, and these were said to be business decisions, not business decisions, and directly perpetuated with cuts.

The last page is 2022 and it has lost 700,000 subscribers, and in a more recent earnings report, Netflix said it expects to lose up to 1 million subscribers in the current quarter as well.

Along with the costs, Netflix is ​​looking at more ways to generate revenue, from these ad-supported plans and additional fees

The company has teamed up with another company to connect your business in the future, and this stage has reached about $17 billion for the year, and news of the layoffs comes a week after Netflix announced a reality competition series based on the events of the extensive Squid Game, at $4.56 million.

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