Polestar adds Apple CarPlay support to its electric cars.. Know the details

Polestar Apple CarPlay promised its electric cars two years ago As The Verge explains, the car brand released a post-Polestar 2 update that makes CarPlay available in the Android Automotive market Would you rather use Apple Maps instead of Google Maps or prefer talking to Siri instead of an assistant your Google.

In 2020, the automaker expected to introduce a CarPlay update in January 2021, and it’s not clear to show the delay (Polestar mentioned “various factors” last fall) but the wait is surprising, a start, and Android Automotive is built around Google’s running, and membrane-centric, services It was the time when the iPhone X appeared

In other Android Automotive cars, and offer it in a new model in newer Volvo models as well as the R1T from Rivian, and you won’t have to wait long in some cases.

Volvo expects to add the interface within weeks, and will eventually support CarPlay from iOS 16, and in that sense Polestar is just a vanguard of its sister brand.

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