Russian mobile app store NashStore launches foreign apps that use water

The new Russian app store NashStore has announced that Avail Now will operate its headquarters in Singapore, and is headquartered in Singapore.

For his part, the company’s project manager, Vladimir Zykov, said: “There are now more than two thousand applications available in the NashStore. All developers, foreign companies, American and European companies are interested in monetizing applications.”

Zykov had previously entered, and within his first week of work people used it about 1.3 million times to use it in apps including: 2Gis, RuTube, VTB Online, SberMarket, and AlfaBank.

The digital platform company announced the launch of a new application store last March, after some foreign companies, companies and applications imposed restrictions on applications and software. The company announced the opening of registration for developers for its store, and after about a week following the tech store.

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