An Australian company provides its customers with a “freezing” service for $150,000

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An Australian company that’s on high gear again in the future, come in the future, mostly reserved for its founders.

A burial place

burial places
burial places

infected tubes
infected tubes

On the other hand, Amazon has developed.

The company showed the program during a video event for the voice assistant “Alexa” reading the story of “The Wizard of Oz” to a young boy using his grandmother’s voice.

hhhhhhhhhhhite Prasad, Alexa Research Head, when showing the video to people who lost loved ones during the Corona pandemic report Al Bayan UAE .

Photo on stage at the Amazon Re: March conference in Gasas: “While intelligence can’t show you that happiness, it certainly does make their memories last.“.

You’ll be able to view through the show you’re going to face, and tighten it up all over again!.

He said, “It was not about a dead grandmother“.

Her techniques have been proven to perfection, and her successful brand name has launched her.

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