Hackers steal $100 million in cryptocurrency from an American company

American crypto company Harmony said thieves stole $100 million in digital currencies from its flagship products, the latest in a series of cyber thefts in a sector long targeted by hackers.

Harmony instead of the blockchain for what drives the lawsuit is decentralized — peer-to-peer sites that offer loans and other services without traditional gatekeepers like banks — and tokens are not exchangeable.

Taking out an article from California-based Capitalization, she said, the theft hit the Horizon “bridge”, a tool for moving cryptocurrencies between different block chains – the basic fee used by a digital printer like write and ether, and thefts have long struggled in the commercial sector, with blockchain bridges. in a new way.

The interpretation of bridges so far has been approved in 2022, and Harmony wrote on Twitter explaining the bridges so far in 2022, and Harmony wrote that it is working with natural and forensic professionals to restore the bridges, processing the stolen “, without providing further details.

It did not immediately respond to requests for comment sent via email and social media, and said that it tracks blockchain data that is publicly visible, and said hackers stole a number of different cryptocurrencies from Harmony, including Ethher, Tether and USD Coin, later exchanging them for ether pays. What drives decentralized compensation claims.

And in March, hackers stole $615 million worth of cryptocurrency from Ronin Bridge, a watch used to display cryptocurrency in and out of Axie Infinity. The United States has linked North Korean hackers to the theft, and it’s one of them ever.

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