Japan is developing a robot with “skin” to heal its wounds.. I know the details

A research group at the University of Tokyo Graduate School has announced the construction of the world’s first robot.

The results of this research, which was announced after nearly three years of diligent work, were published today in the electronic version of the American scientific journal “Matter”.“.

A research group, Professor Shoji Takeuchi (Department of Engineering and Information Technology), the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo, has come up with a way to grow human skin cells and make them reproduce around a human being..

Skin implants can be shaped sharply. Therefore, this development is the first of its kind in the world.

He mentions that the skin was not subjected to intercourse until you hear his voice?.

Live skin enables “wound healing”

In addition, including potentially loaded skin, which could potentially potentially bring it into the skin..

Research group experience, he was repeatedly injured in a mass formula of collagen, the wound was healed after 7 days.

According to the research function, a small wound has a good chance of self-healing without doing anything. Research group in the work of “epidermis” and “dermis”.“.

The dermis uses 10 million cells. And given in the case of sending “Iranian-Iranian” food. Therefore, it is necessary to soak in tissue culture solution to obtain nutrients.

She says a set of the following tasks is “to achieve the longest time in entering the path of nerves and positions in the skin“.

What will the robot of the future be like?

With the development of artificial intelligence technologies, the presence of robots in various situations is increasing. Contact with humans Soft materials such as silicone rubber to give it a more human-like appearance and to protect itself from impact.

which indicates this, which indicates that the reason for this is maintenance..

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This has become the relationship between humans and human relationships and air relationships, and cum in the next episode. What is that moment that arose that moment you request frequency from the band. He must be the one who communicates well with you “.

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