Mars Express got a software upgrade after 19

Think the computers in your office are too late to update? Space and Aeronautics Agency. The European Space Company (ESA) upgraded the MARSIS (Advanced Mars Subsurface and Ionospheric Radar) program for its Mars Express orbiter after its 19th launch in June 2003.

Create the operating system Windows 98 – there are computers in the latest operating system Microsoft.

The update promises to significantly improve the efficiency of the Mars Express vehicle. The method collected, large amounts of high-resolution data that quickly flooded memory. With the new software, scientists can get rid of non-pervasive data. This allows MARSIS to run for five times longer and longer streams covering an area larger than Mars and Phobos.

The enhancement would help explore the subsurface levels of Mars and Phobos in greater detail. Hopefully, it suggests that you look for a feature to quickly confirm the presence of water at the south pole of Mars. Indeed, the renewal of MARSIS will ensure that it can continue to continue its mission.

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