Report urges WhatsApp to activate a new setting .. know it

WhatsApp push prompts are being used for a big push in the future.

How do you activate WhatsApp messages that disappear?

Open your mail app

Find the hidden messages and then set the switch to the On position.

Then choose a specific time period for the messages – 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days since The Sun moved.

A message appears in a message confirming that Hide Messages is turned on.

I want it in an existing conversation, you need to archive it and then unarchive it first.

You can also prefer to call the following messages by clicking on the cursor.

He de-neutralised.

As in the past, they are so dark

It was very user friendly.

It states that only messages sent from message activation are deleted. Who goes back in time, old messages to you.

Texts in other chats they have been forwarded to will also not be deleted.

Stored Backup Backup – But it will be deleted, Backup Backup.

Delete the original message.

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