Russia uses a self-driving submarine to study dangerous sites .. Details

Vladislav Zanin, Adviser to the Director General, Emergency Management and Productivity, Contingency and Production, 3-4 years, and Emergency Agency, US Department of State, announces to the Department of State in surveying hazardous underwater radioactive sites.

“The issue of converting submarine prototypes into technical equipment is currently being studied. This work should be completed within 3-4 years,” he says, noting that the prototypes of this unmanned submarine are currently used by the Russian Emergencies Ministry to train personnel.

It adapts and changes from vertical to horizontal movement. The submarine reaches a certain depth and the tank is emptied to rise to the surface of the water at a certain angle and not vertically.

Zanin adds, “We can program the submarine to operate 5-10, after dives return to the surface to transmit information on new coordinates to work.”

Ministry of Emergencies in the Ministry of Health during more than ten years, aviation offices in e-mail, others, the Baltic Sea chemicals.

It can be used as an easy idea in dealing with the educational environment in the shelf and continental.

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