Significant drop in subscribers

Desiring the situation after please review the subscribers, the company plans to offer a subscription supported by advertisements quoted by aitnews.

The New York Times last month.

“We’ve excluded customers who say a service is too expensive for them and don’t mind having ads, we’re adding an ad-supported subscription, we’re not adding ads to the service you know, we’re adding a new ad-supported subscription who want lower prices while watching ads,” Sarandos said.

It was expected to be published on the working class in promotional advertisements.

Netflix plans to launch a new, cheaper subscription after it signaled subscribers for the first time in more than a decade last quarter.

The company recorded a loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the fourth quarter of the previous year.

Almost 222 million subscribers. But the loss forced her to rethink her historically hard line against advertising.

The question now revolves around the advertising sales company that Netflix is ​​partnering with to help it enter the ad.

Earlier in the Wall Street Journal, NBC Global and Google were two of the biggest contenders.

Sarandos mentions with whom Netflix could be involved. “We are in conversations with all of them now,” he said. It has been suggested that the partnership be as a temporary advertisement in an advertising activity.

The company may become a target for review due to the declining share price. And he explained that the external energy shows that it is deficient.

It says the company may look to a streaming hardware company like Roku. We don’t need it, Sarandos said.

It mirrors the plans for Flex, Plans, Cheaper, Plans, Cheaper Plans, rival Disney Plus, which also hopes to launch joint ventures at the end of the year.

The ad-supported Disney Plus subscription drew to the US first, before increasing internationally in 2023. The company also plans to limit ads to four minutes per hour. The prices of the new Netflix and Disney Plus subscriptions have not yet been announced.

In a related development, Netflix cut about 300 jobs from the second round of layoffs. The company previously laid off about 150 employees and dozens of bids in May.

The company said: the resumption of work in the institution. Besides eliminating international jobs as well. Start investing heavily in the business, start in turn our costs begin to align with our revenue growth.

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