What are Apple’s glasses for reality, the new anthology?

Announcement Announcement Announcing the Brand Launch of Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Quotes aitnews.

Expect the latest release forecasts in a new report, looking at growth in the virtual reality glasses industry.

And he found the new note on this.

Indeed, the default view is at risk..

Koo says that the default case, the picture has matured. Instead, meta, investments that reduce their investment in VR, VR..

The supply continues to grow..

The date comes earlier than Coe’s predictions earlier this month. It was believed that it was there, and that it was in 2022, but it was clear that the setbacks and software meant that the company needed more development time.

Latest predictions about Apple glasses

The analyst also expected Meta to back down on its investment in virtual real estate islands.

And advertising powered by the Facebook social network is the cause of a dead window. Thanks in part to the iPhone app tracking privacy policy.

A mentor to Apple, Kuo says, Apple is a game-changer in the headset industry. More than promoting interest. It can also offer an immersive experience. It may be that it happened in reality.

The analyst goes on to describe the more sophisticated headsets that Apple designs. And push the industry forward as a result.

These predictions coincide with a lot of moves, spectacles. According to the company’s board of directors in May.

It also appeared from the signals of the operating system of the glasses called RealityOS In a nutshell what I meant. And the CEO of the company, recently, promoted ads for selling, for example, a booster.

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