Attackers worked with Internet service providers to spread spyware on Android and iOS

Get Internet service Spyware (ISPs), dubbed Hermit, by Italian spyware vendor RCS Labs.

The monitoring says RCS Labs is in the same business as NSO Group – the notorious surveillance-for-hire company behind Pegasus spyware – and sells commercial spyware to various agencies.

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Spyware can infect both Android and iPhone by masquerading as a legitimate source, in the form of a telecommunications or messaging company. Google’s cybersecurity researchers found that some attackers had already turned on the victim’s mobile data to plot their scheme.

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Researchers from TAG say apps containing Hermit are never made available via Google Play or the Apple App Store. The attacker was able to distribute infected apps on iOS by enrolling in the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

This allowed the bad actors to bypass the premiere of the pre-account show.

On the other hand, Apple told The Verge that it has since canceled. In addition to notifying the study, Google also pushed Google Play update to protect all rights.

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