How do international astronauts grow crops without soil?

If the area of ​​crops is in the outer space, the crops in agricultural and small crops, in crops, crops of crops and agro-industries in crops, without the use of soil.

Currently in use are varieties that are used in other uses, and are currently used in hydroponic (water-based) and aerobic (environmental-based) media, these agents can help grow or soil.

The XROOTS system was launched to the International Space Plan in the beta version of XROOTS, on Friday, June 24th.

XROOTS is a showcase of the different options for growing plants. It contains multiple backgrounds that can be used at the same time to experiment with different options for printing on windows and water, and allows viewing models and videos of plants growing, including their roots so that their development can be checked, according to a Digital Trend report.

I want some types of agriculture to be used in hydroponics. Mostly, most often, plants that appear in Earth’s gravity, plants that appear oddly in gravity conditions, use lights placed above plants that help show our bodies.

Daylight saving time for vegetable crop preservation in sub-Saharan Africa.

Start XROOTS System Test in XROOTS

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