NASA expects the possibility of launching a moon rocket in August

Launch launch Launch release in late August, possibly the red version, named after the previous version, in the last version.

The rehearsal, which has taken a number of attempts to correct since the first attempt in April, was deemed successful when completed on Monday, June 20.

Though, it causes the following procedure to be cancelled.

The missile will be returned to its temporary home, called the Vehicle Assembly Building or VAB, for up to two years from the vehicles that caused the leak.

And accompanied the rehearsal and progress in the processing of the new.

“During the rehearsal activities in the rehearsal activities we have greatly added to our knowledge of how systems work and have become proficient, have become proficient in joint project procedures,” NASA said.

I do this in the rehearsal stage, and everything we’ve learned will help improve our ability to get off. “The team is ready for the next step and getting ready for launch.”

Operating plan on sending an SLS rocket, topped by an Orion capsule, on a manned Artemis I mission around the Moon to prepare it for a lunar mission.

The release was launched prior to the release of the release in August 2022.

NASA says, will announce a date, a fixed target launch for Artemis, return the rocket to VAB and replace the hardware that caused the leak.

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