NASA postpones the launch of the CAPSTONE mission again.. know the details

NASA announced the postponement of the launch date of the satellite capstone To space, the agency said in a statement, “Make a decision to launch a date capstone Until June 27, postponing the launch will give the development team more time to prepare the rocket that will carry the moon into space“.

Determine what the site saidRT‘, NASA earlier to the ‘moon capstone Which weighs approximately 25 kg will launch a space airport belonging to the company rocket lab In New Zealand, its primary mission will be to help calculate and determine the orbit of a station Gate Lunar, which will be launched under the program Artemis The international satellite, and that the satellite is added to reach its specified space orbit 3 months after its launch, and it will operate in space for at least half a year.”

In 2019, it announced a draft program Artemis To review the moon,,,,,,,,,,, and implement the program Sen in stages, phase Artemis 1 Type of Orion To revolve around the moon and return to the earth, the phase Artemis 2 Transmitter mobile station carrying around the moon and phase Artemis 3 She hopes that NASA will send astronauts to the moon and then to Mars.

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