A simple trick that enables you to see deleted messages on WhatsApp

Usually, you receive messages from people on your phone list, through the WhatsApp application, and then they are quickly deleted, either these messages and confusion.

And according to technology experts, if you think that you delete a message in the “WhatsApp” conversation, it is completely nice, then it is not the case, because what you sent or received remains retrievable and dialogue with the party, according to the Al Arabiya Net report.

Deleting the WhatsApp application, deleting messages, whether in conversations or messages, regardless of the smartphone operating system, Lame applications, running the phone with “Android”, “iOS” and “Windows” is final.

Send by deleting a message “Message has been deleted”, he can resort to the backup state in order to get the deleted message

In order to view these deleted messages, it is enough to register it with simple steps, the first of which is the application of removing “WhatsApp” from the phone, then re-download it and register in it.

Then, then, it breaks as if to delete.

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