Apple is developing an alternative to the original HomePod 2023 .. Details

Apple plans to launch a “flood” of new products this fall and in the first half of 2023, and Mark Gorman of Bloomberg and on e-mail also has them appearing in offices it’s been working on recently.

Starting in his newsletter, Gurman reports that Apple is preparing a new HomePod speaker that will look and feel like the original 2018 model, as you might remember the company discontinued the HomePod in 2021 without announcing a direct replacement, and with a smart speaker with Siri built in, it’s all in your option right now. My timer is the HomePod mini at $99.

More true to the model than it offered in the 2018 model at $349, the HomePod was one of the most expensive speakers you could buy at the time, and it never really felt like it lived up to that price tag.

Then more full details of Apple are found in the near term, “more on an ambitious path” in history. Company Talk, on the Bloomberg website.

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