Apple will not challenge the historic vote of the Maryland store unions .. Find out the details

Report that Apple will not challenge Apple’s recent vote before employees at its Towson Town Center retail site in Maryland to join unions.

Citing an “informed person about the company’s plans,” Reuters reported that the tech giant would participate in the surgery “in good faith,” and Apple declined to comment on the report.

On June 19, workers at the Towson Town Center Apple Store voted overwhelmingly to join the International Association of Mechanics and Aerospace Workers, 110 employees and two complements to participate in the election 65 yes, and Towson Town Center was the first Apple retail location in the United States to vote on forming unions. After the organizers canceled a department store sale in Georgia, allegations of intimidation, the engadged report.

The reports from Reuters were accurate and Apple’s plans and plans to challenge their vote, they paint the company’s project at odds with a lot of US companies, for example, quickly opposed the stock and painted Amazon workers, monks workers, painted, painted, painted again.

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