How do you do it? .. How to open and convert the SVG image file format

SVG is an abbreviation for scalable vector graphics file, common in graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, is a format independent format, because you can resize an image to a size without losing image quality, SVG files in a variety of programs and converted to other formats.

What is an SVG file?

According to business insider, the SVG file format is a type of triangular file, triangular raster (such as JPG and PNG files), SVG graphics are composed of vectors, which are a type of geometric object, and the file format is XML language for describing the image mathematically using geometry vectors.

SVG files can also be used for valid applications, making them small files.

Image files, graphs, and other line graphs.

How to open an SVG file

While SVG graphics are most commonly used outside of graphics professionals, files are easily opened with a lot of popular software.

It is the easiest way to view an SVG file, web browser, web browser, web browser, XML browser, markup language, HTML format, and any modern web browser can display an SVG file.

Just drag the SVG file to a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge and the image will appear in a new tab.

You can also open the SVG file in ready-made programs, the original version, you will need to use a program such as Adobe Illustrator.

If you are using Photoshop, the image will be automatically converted to a bitmap of a certain size.

How to convert an SVG file

Specialized file format format, you may want to convert it to a bitmap file like JPG or PNG, you can use it more easily in other applications.

1. In Photoshop, click Open Profile.

2. Find an external SVG file to open.

3. In the Rasterize SVG Format window, choose the size you want to convert the image to and click OK.

4. Do more of the value you specify from the sales volume.

5. Choose File and then Export, it counts as Export as Export As.

6. In the Export As window, choose the file type you want (eg JPG) for and click Export.

7. Choose a location for the file and press Save.

Use the Photoshop tool to use:

1. Click Choose Files and select your SVG file.

2. In the drop-down list on the right, choose the file format you want to convert to (eg JPG).

3. Click Convert.

4. After a short wait, the file will complete, press download and save the file to your computer.

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