The “lambda” robot terrifies the world… Fear escalates from the repercussions of intelligence

This has become the home of controversy and terror in the world.

The widespread uproar caused by a software engineer at Google claiming that the “lambda” robot was self-destructive and capable of speaking perfectly, brought back to the public the problem of humans’ fear of intelligence and intelligence, according to the Sky News Arabia report.

scary side

The expert in the field of information infrastructure says, from this intelligence, we can remind ourselves, how can we remind ourselves?

And wonderful, and behind, and pioneer, and pioneer.

the fate of mankind

He warned from a human point of view, calling for not to create a being beyond intelligence before resolving the dilemma of how to control it.

evolution trends

According to the information technology expert, the continuous development has led us to different directions, some of which indicate that they appear in the continuous operation model.

Some stage of growth.

And draws to the big world

thoughtless words

Professor and Head of the Department of Economics at LAU University is waiting for models that depend on “deduction of patterns”, allowing them to produce them.

Deducing the words that humans use in writing or speaking and the sequence of words that humans use in writing or speaking have “memory” and sciences only, and the ability to display in the appropriate structure of speech without understanding what you are talking about will be.

Threat to the kingdom of man

These events indicate that their dwellings are beginning to function.

The stage of super-intelligence has become and robotics “a new stage” has become a new stage (****).

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