A new complaint against Google in Denmark because of the monopoly

Google positions an antitrust complaint after a Danish online job search competitor filed its complaint with European Union regulators, alleging that the Alphabet unit unfairly favored its own job search service.

European Union Any action related to the online job search sector.

Released by Vestager, Google said to competitors, and entrepreneurs, that operate online.

Launched and launched in Europe in 2018, Google for Jobs drew criticism from 23 online job sites in 2019. They said they lost market share after the online search giant used its market power to push its new service.

The Google service links to aggregated posts, archived from employers, making candidates sequentially, save and save on job vacancy alerts, on email, you should go elsewhere to apply. Google places a great deal of the tool on top of the normal search results on the web.

Jobindex, one of 23 critics three years ago, said Google had veered to Denmark by the time it was entered. Google for local market jobs last year.

And the Reuters website said, “Google results for jobs in Denmark, Jobindex lost 20% of the search traffic for the poor Google service,” and said: “More search sites are from site sites, and they may not reach employment in turn to communication sites, unless they use job services from Google”.

Click put on the labor market mode, which is the center of any economy,” and urged the Commission to order Google to halt anti-sync pricing, fine the company and impose periodic payments to ensure compliance.

Jobindex said it has seen free-use ads, with some of its job ads copied through its ads through Google for Jobindex commercials, and is child-related, misleading children.

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