How to use Chrome as a password manager on iPhone and iPad

Latest update of site 103 for Google Chrome across all related information including iOS and iPadOS.

Sign in and automatically fill in apps and websites, similar to Apple’s Keychain.

Chrome 103 update now locates google Password Manager to identify iOS. FYI, already available on PC and Android versions of the browser, too, Google Password Manager can now be set as the default provider for autofill.

Steps to trade other apps with passwords from Chrome:

1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap Passwords and verify your identity by entering your device password or using biometric authentication.

3. Now, click on the Auto-fill for passwords option and enable Auto-fill for passwords.

Here, choose Chrome as the default option.

4. Do note that you can choose to choose to use both Chrome, iCloud & Keychain as your password manager.

Steps to use Chrome passwords in other apps:

1. Open the app you want to sign in to.

2. On the login page, tap on the User or Password field.

3. Select the passwords on the keyboard.

4. With autofill, you may need to sign in to your device again.

5. Now, choose the password you want for an idea.

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