Insect-sized robots glow in flight and can be used for rescue missions

It refers to insects that are used in modern map applications that are used in their leaves, as they can be used in applications and their wings quickly.

As reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, she presented the competition offer.

In emergency cases.

It is also for example, for example, a request for assistance.

MIT researchers demonstrated a new industry for making artificial muscles for insects and roads alternating layers of elastomer and an electrode

When a voltage is applied to the drum, the electrodes press on the elastomer, and mechanical stress is triggered.

To make the wings the wings light up in particles particles as wings

When you come to Asimas God hahahahahahaha

And he discovered the works of using high voltage in the field of using high electrical energy, pushing the emitted light.

Making Partial Orange and Blue Ideas It is possible to make industrial ideas that work multicolored and stylized light.

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