Learn about the problems Tesla faces after its employees return to work from the office

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According to a report by informatiand inside a Tesla facility in Fremont, California, to a shortage of space, no desk to sit down, and poor wireless, Musk apparently didn’t think about it..

As the Arab Gateway for Technology News says, the number of Tesla’s workforce since the pandemic from about 48,000 employees in 2019 to nearly 100,000 last year.

But Musk said earlier this month that he plans to cut Tesla’s wage workforce by 10% amid fears of a US recession..

The factor invested in accounting costs and the tenant..

Paid workers make up about a third of the company’s employees. But they work in Tesla factories.

Except for the pandemic, most employees who used to report to Tesla’s Fremont headquarters, which consists of headquarters buildings and a factory, are in their homes until Musk called everyone to work..

Tesla faces new problems after its employees return to work

Existing Tesla employees who returned to work, for example, struggled to find a place to park their cars at the Fremont headquarters. Some chose to park their cars at a nearby station, with them being transported by the company to work.

He stated that some employees were not the subject in the reading mode inside the offices, and the company decided to reuse certain areas of the office during the pandemic for use in others, and the presence of a larger team was also not taken into account..

Circuit mode was working. Even the click layer that appears in the application.

It is clear that Musk himself has thwarted his annual plan for Tesla employees to work. And at the factory on June 8, Musk said he plans to come to the month at least six days a week.

And Musk told executives, they must come to the office for 40 hours a week or quit.

He said the move was part of an effort to equalize factory workers and executives. A request from workers working personally throughout the pandemic.

Musk is also busy buying and fabricating problems with the company about the number of bot users. His feelings about the business are articulated, too, but only the exceptional, and the excellent service, are allowed.

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